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What Is PodTask?

Creating your podcasts while working another job or managing a family?
PodTask helps you manage all aspects of producing your podcast episodes, and systemizes three main functions:


For podcasts built around guest interviews, you must first connect with potential guests to invite them to be a guest.
All PodTask plans (including the Forever Free Plan) allow you to browse the member directory and send booking requests to other members.
Plus, you can enable your profile so that other members can connect with you.


When it comes to the actual production of the episode, there are a number of action items that lead up to the actual recording of the episode.
All of this can be automated using our Workflow engine.
  • - Researching your guest
  • - Identifying the episode concept
  • - Creating an outline or script
  • - Sending the guest release form
  • - Recording the actual interview
  • - Post-production and editing processes

PodTask will keep your flow consistent and on top of all your dealines,
resulting in a consistent release schedule and consistent quality of your production


Whether you're doing this as a hobby or with the intention to monetize and become a podcast entrepreneur
the drive is to reach a large and growing audience. Our production flow features can encourage consistent drip
marketing before, the day of, and immediately following your episode release. Our guest spotting features, like
our focused podcast pitching, will also help you grow by increasing your brand exposure to potential new listeners.

Go With The Flow With Our Workflow Engine!

Podcasters have busy lives! Many podcasters are producing their shows while managing families, other jobs, or teams of helpers. PodTask's robust workflow tool was designed to automate your production flow, keep yourself, your team members and your guests on track, and get you from start to finish with each new episode in an easy and automated way. Automate sending out guest questionnaires, and much more! You can customize from one of our "Best Practice" workflows, or build your own from scratch.
PodTask Workflow System

Ask Podrie

Based on OpenAI, the revolutionary AI-engine that powers ChatGPT and DALL-E2, we've created Podrie, and you can ask her anything related to podcasting.
She's here to help you grow your podcast!
Podrie AI Example

Custom production flow made easy

Content Creator
Create transcripts, show notes, social media posts, blog articles
and more using our AI-based Content Creator


Create Transcripts

Upload your finished audio or video file and PodTask will render the transcript, which includes transcript diarization, or simply the ability to distringuish the different speakers. Once your transcript is finalized, our other AI-powered features are available.


Show Notes

Save time by letting PodTask generate your show notes (or episode description). If the Content Creator doesn't produce compelling results, interact with our AI-based helper Podrie to let her know how to improve upon the system-generated show notes


Social Media Posts

Use Content Creator to recommend posts for LinkedIn, Instagram, TokTok, Facebook, or elsewhere on social media where you market your episodes. Don't spend hours creating this content when PodTask can do it in under a minute.


Blog Posts and Articles

PodTask can provide a compelling blog article or web page content based on your episode transcript content. Provide feedback to the Content Creator to further refine the recommended content.


Episode Title

Let PodTask recommend a unique episode title so you don't have to think about it. You are welcome to use the suggestion, or ignore it


Highlighted Quotes/Hooks

No need to listen to your whole episode, often more than once, to determine a powerful quote or two that hooks your listeners. AI helps PodTask makes recommendations on quotes by measuring the sentimentality of phrases within your episode and from there can suggest emotionally powerful quotes to hook your listeners into the episode.

Podcast Pitching
Find & Pitch Yourself As A Guest To Other Podcasts

Podcast Pitching Example


Create your own questionnaire or activate one of our "Best Practice" questionnaires to send to your guests to gather relevant information or assets (like logos or headshot images). When your guests respond to the questionnaire, their responses will save right into their guest record in PodTask, so you won't have to copy and paste their responses.
Guest Questionnaires

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